Magilla is an online search engine that connects prospective borrowers with banks without requiring any private information: no name, phone number, or SSN is ever required. After answering a handful of questions, a borrower can receive multiple loan proposals from FDIC-insured banks within a few hours. The loan proposals are presented on our patented MagChart™ (like a unified term sheet) which enables a borrower to easily compare and contrast the terms from various banks on one sheet. Magilla is fast, anonymous and free.

Unlike other sites, Magilla empowers the BORROWER to choose with whom s/he wishes to close the loan. There will NEVER be phone calls from random lenders.

Key features:

Fast: The loan search process used to take 3-4 months. With Magilla, loan proposals are typically delivered within a few hours.

Anonymous: We NEVER require your name, social security number, or phone number.

Free: Borrowers NEVER pay any fees.

Safe and Secure: No credit check, tax returns, or bank statements are EVER requested on our site.

Simple: After answering a handful of questions, borrowers receive multiple loan proposals.

Authentic: Receive real loan proposals from actual FDIC-insured lenders, not automated lenders.

Magilla is the New Way of Doing Loans in America.


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Dean J. Sioukas

Dean J. Sioukas is a successful entrepreneur, tech aficionado, car enthusiast, and the Co-Founder of Magilla Loans. A technophile at a very young age, Mr. Sioukas has honed his web development skills over the years. He later used these skills to create Magilla in September of 2015, where he continues to grow the company by applying his technical experience and business acumen. Mr. Sioukas earned a JD/MBA from Columbia University and a BA in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley with a minor in classical civilizations. After passing the California State bar, Mr. Sioukas worked as a real estate transactional attorney for several years before becoming a full-time real estate developer. Mr. Sioukas is the former CEO of Sioukas Investments which is credited for developing thousands of homes and numerous commercial buildings in the greater Sacramento region.

Chris Meyer

Chris Meyer is a lifelong entrepreneur and is the Co-Founder of Magilla Loans. Magilla launched in September of 2015 and Mr. Meyer has been dedicated to growing the company’s markets ever since. He is a graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in Politics and History. He obtained his JD and Masters degrees from Vermont Law School and he is a member of the New York State Bar. Mr. Meyer explored his passion for film by making a feature length low-budget movie while living in New York City. Mr. Meyer’s affinity for the film industry eventually brought him to Hollywood where he worked as a screenwriter for eleven years before relocating to Sacramento. Prior to Magilla, Mr. Meyer owned and operated several funeral homes in Northern California.