Month: August 2017

The reason bankers care about your credit

Why Bankers Care So Much About Credit Scores

Credit is important to bankers because it tells the story of your financial habits and history. Essentially, your credit score records how you repay the money you have borrowed. It also describes what types of loans you have. Revolving loans are measured differently than installment loans. When you ask to borrow money, the banker needs to...
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Can you afford where you currently live?

Cold Harsh Reality: Can You Afford Your Home?

Many people consider home ownership a notable achievement. There are plenty of benefits to homeownership but there are also some downfalls. The costs associated with owning a home is one particular downfall. When you buy a home, you are responsible for all of the upkeep, maintenance, taxes, and other expenses. Surprisingly, many homeowners are unaware...
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