Month: August 2017

Secrets about equipment loans unveiled

6 Secrets You Should Know About Equipment Loans

Equipment loans are used to finance heavy equipment such as cranes, lift devices, and towing equipment.  Medical equipment for dentists, veterinarians, and medical clinics also fall under this category.  The lender will use the equipment as collateral.  The loan terms vary but are usually financed based on the expected life of the equipment. A factor...
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Guide ot small business loans

The Dummies Guide to Business Loans

1. Create a business plan You will need to create a detailed business plan for the lender. This should be the first step before you shop for loans. Without a business plan, a lender may not even review your application. Below are the key items we suggest you include: Executive Summary: An executive summary should...
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Why large business loans are trending

Why Large Business Loans are the New Black

Large business loans use to be difficult to find, and the criteria was very strict. However, with their increasing popularity in the past few years, there are many more options to choose from. In fact, last year Business News Daily rounded up business trends and predictions for 2017, and many experts agreed the economy and...
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