Author: chris

Stop This Madness!

Who am I? One simple, family man with three boys and a wife. I read two articles the other day that as a result sent me spinning.  The first about Marissa Mayer and her exit package from Yahoo (Marissa Mayer leaves Yahoo with nearly $260 million), and another about Bryce Harper and the potential size of…

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Too Honest

Is there such a thing? My team told me, you’re being too honest, revealing too much, giving away strategy. I write a blog for our company.  It is not a normal company blog.  It is more about the trials and tribulations of running a startup in the middle of your life and how it affects…

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The Parents’ Visit

My father was a civil engineer his whole life.  He worked for the city, a private firm, then went out on his own.  My mother was a homemaker and, if you ask her, the brains behind my father’s success. I am a lawyer, made a movie, tried to be a screenwriter in Hollywood for eleven…

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