When it comes to getting a loan, it may seem like heading to your local bank is the right choice. But for commercial real estate loans, the process can be very different. Not all banks work with these loans, and there may be significant differences on the qualifying amount, the fees and the interest rates you will be offered. That is why working with the right lender is so important – but how do you find them?

When you use the Magilla Loans search engine, you can match with several lenders who meet your needs and you can choose the one that is truly going to be right for your commercial real estate purchase.

State Laws Matter When Getting a Loan

When it comes to actually getting loans for commercial real estate, the laws in the state where you are getting the loan and making the purchase matter. You must follow them and so must your real estate agent. The seller of the property and the lender you choose must also abide by these laws. If you are seeking a commercial real estate loan in California, then you, your lender and seller should all be familiar with California laws.

Understanding your commercial real estate loans

When you use a service like Magilla Loans that matches you with lenders you can trust, there is less of a chance that the loan will not be the right one for you, or that the lender will not provide you with the correct paperwork and information in order to have a successful closing on your commercial real estate. That can provide you with peace of mind and help you keep your plans and project moving forward.

Getting a Loan Can Be Easier Than Expected

In 2018, the laws are on the side of borrowers who are prepared and work with the right lender to help them achieve their goals. That means that getting loans for commercial real estate can be easier than you would hope or expect, so you can stay on track with your target goals. However, being prepared to get that loan is very important:

  • Check your credit score and see where you are financially.
  • Have your down payment ready.
  • Know your options and focus on taking care of any problems that may hold you back during the process.

By taking care of these things first, you can ensure the efficiency of the process. With the loan moving through faster, you can reduce your stress and make the purchase of your commercial real estate easier.

Having the right lender can make all the difference. Borrowers work with lenders because they need the loan, but also because they trust the lender to handle the issue correctly and efficiently. That means the lender must know the appropriate laws, as well as the ins and outs of valuing commercial properties. The more you have a lender you can really work with, the better your chance of successfully getting your commercial loan and closing on your property in a timely manner. You can get that lender by using Magilla Loans search engine to get matched up with lenders you can trust.

Some are hesitant to initiate something as important as a commercial real estate loan online. However, when you are matched with a lender through the Magilla Loans search engine, you begin working with a real person behind the screen. Once you fill out a loan request, you can receive a number of lender proposals within hours if you are qualified. You can then connect with an individual representing the lender and have confidence in the advice you get and the work you are doing together.

Understanding Commercial Real Estate Loans Process

Commercial real estate loans can be quite different from one another, and the process of obtaining them is different from other loan processes. Commercial real estate loans generally involve larger amounts, and they can be obtained for a number of different types of properties.

Often, commercial real estate loans are for multifamily dwellings that will be used as rental properties and for buildings that are used to house commercial tenants such as retail shops, office spaces and more. These loans can require larger down payments, cash flow predictions, higher interest rates, more collateral and a lot of other details that other loans may not require.

Working with a lender that has been matched with you as a commercial borrower often makes the process easier and less stressful. You want your commercial real estate endeavor to be successful, whether you are buying a property to use for your own business or to rent out to others. The more you know about the process and the more you work with a lender who is the right fit for your needs, the higher the chance that your loan will be closed in a manner you feel good about. Your down payment, credit score and other factors all affect the interest rate and terms you can expect, but not all lenders see things the same way. That is why you need one who is familiar with commercial applications, instead of only residential needs.

The Right Lender at the Right Time Matters

Finding the right lender at the right time used to be a lengthy process that involved a great deal of research and trial and error. However, the technology that drives the Magilla Loans search engine makes finding a variety of commercial and residential loan options fast, anonymous, and free.

Whether you have already found a property you want to buy, or you are interested in getting prequalified before you even start looking, you have options for commercial real estate lenders who can help. But finding the right potential lenders matters, and you want to make sure you do it the correct way. Magilla Loans will match you with lenders who can answer your questions and work toward helping you make your commercial real estate purchasing dreams come true.