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Structuring and financing your parntership buyout.

How to Structure & Finance Your Partnership Buyout

Being a small business owner means getting the most out of what you have and taking chances on opportunities. Sometimes having a business partner can put a damper on your ambitions because he has equal say in decision making. A way to get through this impasse is to come together and negotiate a partner buyout. To structure a buyout, you must…

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How does partner buyout financing work?

How Does Partner Buyout Financing Work?

Business partnership buyouts can happen for various reasons. Buyouts occur when a partner of the business is no longer aligned with the mission or vision of the company or, most commonly, when a partner wants to retire or move on to a new and different business venture. Regardless of the scenario, you can have a successful buyout...
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Partner buyout loans, and 5 alternatives

5 Alternatives to Partner Buyout Loans

Partner buyout loans can be tricky depending on the type of collateral you have to offer the lender.  However, there are alternative ways to buyout your existing partner.  You will have the opportunity to start fresh and get rid of your existing partner, especially if there is unnecessary drama that can be avoided.  This will...
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