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Partner buyout loans, and 5 alternatives

5 Alternatives to Partner Buyout Loans

Partner buyout loans can be tricky depending on the type of collateral you have to offer the lender.  However, there are alternative ways to buyout your existing partner.  You will have the opportunity to start fresh and get rid of your existing partner, especially if there is unnecessary drama that can be avoided.  This will...
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The wide variety of small business loans

16 Different Types of Small Business Loans

Accounts Receivable Factoring Factoring is a type of business lending in which a business sells its accounts receivables, or invoices, to a financial company, also known as a factor.  Factoring is also known as accounts receivable financing.   Here’s how it works: the business assigns certain accounts receivables or invoices to the financial company or factor. ...
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Business loans for women. 9 ways to get them

9 Ways To Get A Small Business Loan If You Are A Woman

1 - Traditional Bank Many banks have special programs for women-owned businesses. They generally offer flexible underwriting and competitive interest rates. However, traditional banks usually have strict criteria in order to qualify. To seek out better lending options from a traditional bank — or any lender — we suggest you consider becoming certified by the...
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