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Franchise loans and their misconceptions

7 Common Misconceptions About Franchise Loans

Franchising misconceptions can cause someone to jump into a business opportunity ill-prepared or ill-informed. The biggest make or break for first-time franchisees is preparation and planning; those are key to a successful franchise. Below are seven common misconceptions about franchise loans. 1. Success Is Guaranteed The name and brand recognition of a franchise is one...
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8 myths of franchise loans

8 Myths About Franchise Loans

Franchises can be a high risk but also a high reward endeavor. Instead of being an employee of a company, you start your own from scratch.  Then, you try to make your one, or multiple, stores as successful as possible. To set up a franchise, first the franchise needs financing. Below are some common misconceptions,...
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Franchise loans and their history

The History of Franchise Loans

The Birth of Franchise Loans Franchising did not take hold until after World War 2 but glimpses of it’s existence appeared back in the Middle Ages when landowners made franchise-ish agreements with tax collectors. A druggist named John S. Pemberton made the first major success in franchising. In 1886, he created a beverage made up…

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